Featured Work

I am the Flatiron Building. I am shaped like a triangle, as designed by Daniel Burnham, and was built in 1902. I was passed down through several owners beginning with Mr. Eno, the creator of the 5th Avenue hotel. Eventually I was bought by George A. Fuller, the “father of the sky scraper”. Although I am today thought to be a marvel among architectural marvels in the ever-bustling city of New York, that was not always the general opinion of my appearance. Because of my unusual shape I was seen by some as an awkward travesty that had planted itself right at the intersection of 5th Ave. and E 23rd St., and yet, I attracted tourists for miles -being that I was one of the groundbreaking ‘skyscrapers’ that had begun to dot the city’s skyline. During my early years, I was the housing place for a large screen on which to show images of things like advertisements, photographs of New York City, and announcements. On election night, thousands of people would gather by me, to await the results

————————————-> The Flatiron Building Narrative

The cogs in my head started moving, trying to put together bits of information that at first seemed unrelated. This library was opened during Betty Smith’s youth and the youth of the main character, Francie, in her novel A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. This library could very well be the one that Francie frequented every week, the one in which she vowed to read every book in alphabetical order by author, the one whose books helped grow her imagination and spurred on her talent for writing. If this speculation was truth, then this was the library that did similar for Smith. Funny how I would discover a library on my first visit to Williamsburg; Libraries seem to constantly attract me to them. I worked at the Glendale branch for two years and visited both the Glendale and Woodhaven branches constantly in elementary and middle school. Smith, Francie, and I seemed to be bound together from the start by an intense love of literature and language.

———————> Betty Smith’s Impact on New York City History

It has often been said that a well-educated society is the ideal society, so why are we not allowing everyone in this country the opportunity to educate themselves? Our nation spends so much on prisons and crime, can’t they better allocate those funds to allow for more people to be educated?

———————————-> Example Interview Study Response

Subway performers have long been integral to New York City’s culture and its appeal to the masses. They range from musicians to artists to singers to dancers, and provide daily entertainment for straphangers and visiting tourists alike. Unfortunately, subway performers don’t seem to be appreciated by the general public as much as one might think, or, at least that’s what the stereotypes we call them might lead one to believe. 

 ———————————————>Final Multimedia Project

Featured Work From Fellow Classmates:

Walking up the heavy cement stairs from the 1 train, I stand on the sidewalk and breathe in the cold air. Across from me is Madison Square Garden; diagonally I can see the red star in the distance, flapping proudly against the stoic, reverent building behind it. This is the Macy’s department store on 34th street and Herald Square. It represents such a perfect staple of New York’s history, of progress and familiarity. When I was younger, I could not appreciate the vast department store, or its beauty and affordable prices. Now I better understand the mechanics of the nearly ninety-year-old department store, the inspiration that the Macy’s has given media, and the pure functionality of such a large building, dedicated to convenience and hundreds of needs. 

————————————-> Macy’s Final Project by Anna

The flame in Crown Heights Brooklyn danced its way through the hearts of angry black youths in the summer of August 1991. For three days, Crown Heights had transformed into a war zone between black youths and Hasidic Jews. In violent protests, Jews were specifically being targeted by blacks. Angry mobs flooded the streets of Crown Heights, rocks and bottles were being thrown, shots were being fired.

———————————> Crown Heights Flames by Yanel

If there is one place in New York City that has withstood innovation, economic repression and hardships of the times is Penn Station, which lies in the shadows of history. People often forget how old the terminal is, and how much significance it truly holds. I have dedicated a great deal of time, to unveil the hidden truths and underlying importance of its location and durability of service for decades. It truly serves as an epicenter of connections to various different places, people and events all throughout the United States of America. 

————————————> Penn Station Project by Paulo


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